The Examiner

2017-2018 Staff

Peyton Fraser

Staff Writer

Peyton Fraser is a Senior, and she is a Staff Writer. She enjoys hanging out with her friends and playing Volleyball. A fun fact about her: she is double jointed on the right side of her body.

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Zeke Coronel

Copy Editor

Zeke Coronel is the Copy Editor for The Examiner. Zeke is on the Track team, and he loves to hangout with family and friends.

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Alahna MacMillan

Staff Writer

Alahna is currently a Senior and a Staff Writer for The Examiner. Fun Fact: She loves to stargaze.

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Maria Callahan

Staff Writer

Maria is a Senior and a Staff Writer for The Examiner. Maria is on the Volleyball team and likes to hang out with family and friends in her free time.

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Shelby Castoe

Staff Writer

Shelby Castoe is a Senior and Staff Writer. She loves to swim. She also loves the beach and likes to hang out with her dog, Jasper.

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Nicolle Franco

Staff Wrtier

Nicolle Franco is a Senior and a Staff Writer. Fun fact: Nicolle knows how to moon walk like Michael Jackson!

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Amanda Morley

Staff Writer

Amanda Morley is currently a Senior. She is a member of the Varsity Cheer Team.

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Janey Castoe

Staff Writer

Janey Castoe is a Sophomore. She loves playing Soccer for her club team and for high school. Fun fact: She plays goalie.

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Brooklyn Bergmann

Layout Co-Editor

Brooklyn Bergmann is currently a Junior is on Varsity cheer, has a sibling named Summer Linn, and she hopes to attend FIDM.

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Hailey Dewegeli

Staff Writer

Hailey Dewegeli is a Junior, and loves to surf. Other interests include Cross Country, Soccer, and Track. She is president of CARE club--a passion for her.

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Zach Moroney

Staff Writer

Zach Moroney is currently a Junior. Fun Fact: Zach has lived overseas for 7 years.  

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Olivia Quagliani

Staff Writer

Olivia Quagliani is Junior this year. She is currently the goalie for Girls' Water Polo, and she loves literature.

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Brian Pham

Staff Writer

Brian Pham is currently a Junior and a Staff Writer.  Fun Fact:  He loves to run.

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Morgan Colvin

Photography Editor

Morgan Colvin is currently a Senior. Fun Fact: She has 6 horses.

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Joanna Berkowitz


Joanna Berkowitz is currently a Senior. Fun Fact: She loves musical theatre.

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Shannon Chakmakian

Layout Co-Editor

Shannon Chakmakian is currently a Senior. Fun Fact: She has played piano for 8 years.

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Samar Mann


Samar Mann is currently a Senior. Fun Fact: She's probably hiking

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Daniella Acosta

Staff Wrtier

Daniella Acosta is a Senior and a Staff Writer for the Examiner.  She is interested in dance and Disney. Daniella is part of the Xavier Dance Academy.

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Alexis Tavakoli

Staff Wrtier

Alexis is a Senior and is on the Varsity Cheer team. She is the president of French Club. Alexis also likes to play the piano.

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