The Season’s Stress: A Source for Motivation

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As the academic year comes to close, the Xavier Spring Sports teams compete through the final weeks of their season. For many, the pressure that accompanies DEL, CIF, and maintaining grades can be stressful and, often, unmanageable. However, for student-athletes such as those on Girls Track, the added tension contributed to a successful and winning season. 

Junior, Alexa Briskman

Junior Alexa Briskman, though a first-year runner for the team, was among the athletes who translated the pressure into motivation. For years, the Palm Desert and La Quinta Girls Track teams have served as Xavier’s biggest competition in the valley. “Although this is my first year running track, I was fully aware of the tension in competing against these teams,” Alexa said. While discussing details of the season, Alexa stated that this tension motivated not only herself but teammates as well–especially when it came to practicing. “I originally ran in the 100 and 200-meter group, however, I saw there was a need for 200 and 400-meter runners. I knew this is where I could help the team.” Although Alexa shifted her focus in events, she channeled both the team’s tension and her own motivation into improving her skills. Reflecting on this past season, her favorite moments were the practices and invitationals leading up to the Palm Desert meet.

Junior, Dalton Kramer

Dalton Kramer, who is also a Junior on the team, spent the past two years running on Varsity. This year Dalton was able to channel the team’s anticipation for the La Quinta and Palm Desert meets into a dominating spirit. This resulted in a major win for the Xavier Girls Track Team over Palm Desert. Dalton disclosed, “As a whole, the team was very successful this year. La Quinta and Palm Desert are our biggest competitors and although we lost to La Quinta with close margins, beating Palm Desert and breaking their winning streak was an amazing feeling.” Dalton’s dedication to the team and sport resulted in her securing spots at DEL for the second year in a row. 

Dalton Kramer sprinting the 4×100.

This year the Girls Track team worked cohesively converting everyday pressures of practice and school and the tensions between teams into motivation that benefited the program. Next year’s student-athletes hope that this energy will be carried into next season and set a path for another winning season. 

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