Boeing 737 Max

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Andres Arias

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April 8, 2019
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Boeing 737 Max

On March 10, 2019, a terrible accident with an Ethiopian Airline flight happened, killing all of its passengers and leaving families devastated. The tragedy took place early in the morning and shook the airline industry across the globe.

The remains of the crash

The aircraft involved in the incident was a Boeing 737 Max–one of the company’s new planes; the plane was primarily designed to save fuel. In a race to build a better more fuel-efficient plane, the Boeing company failed to provide some of the most basic information about its systems. The cause of the fatal crash was due to computer systems, also known as MCAS, provided a false reading even though everything seemed to be going fine. Tragedy struck 6 minutes after takeoff when the plane signaled that it was facing 10 degrees up and then proceeded to make the plane face down. The MCAS system made the plane go into a nosedive plummeting thousands of feet leaving the pilots unable to control the plane.

Ceremony for those who passed away

The families and authorities gathered around the wreckage confused, angry, and sad. The victims came from all over the world. 32 people from Kenya, 18 from Canada, 9 from Ethiopia, and 8 Americans. Many of the people on the plane have been found, but some are still missing. There were over 157 passengers on board. The families of these passengers were outraged when they heard why the plane crashed and have decided to sue the Boeing company.

The Boeing company has lost millions of dollars and have recalled all of their 737 Max models. When asked what he thought about this situation, Xavier Senior Jesus Arzapalo shared his opinion that the company should be responsible for producing a plane that wasn’t capable of safe flight.

Although this crash was terrible, travelers should remember that planes don’t usually crash. Planes are very safe, and people should not be afraid to fly. Some tips for anxious flyers include meeting the flight crew, listening to music to get distracted from flying, taking deep breaths, or even contacting a professional.

The Xavier community offers prays for all the families and people aboard this plane.


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