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Carlos Haggar

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K28 Family

K28 Family

K28 Family

K28 Family

Xavier hosted its 28th official Kairos retreat (K28) April 2-5. One of Xavier’s most beloved traditions is the Kairos retreat, which it hosts three times a year. Kairos, which translates from Greek to “God’s time”, is a retreat that is celebrated by Jesuit schools all across the United States. Although it is usually full of Senior participants, in the last Kairos of the school year Juniors are invited to participate in order to open up Kairos leadership potential for their Senior year. All of the leaders of K28 were Seniors who attended K25 as Juniors.

A family bond among the participants is the desired outcome of the retreat experience. Kairos leaders encourage becoming a family by being open-minded to the experience. Kairos leaders try their best to recreate the powerful feeling of love they witnessed on their own Kairos experience.

Michael O’Neil stated that Kairos was eye-opening. As a result of his experience, he said that he will do his best to be aware of his surroundings and to make sure to always spread Kairos love. Ajeet Bir shared that he felt ‘extreme love’ during the retreat. Bir wants to duplicate this exact feeling of love for other people and will also spread the Kairos love.

A K28 Family in front of the Kairos Cross.

As indicated in both O’Neil and Bir’s statements, the Kairos experience generated a strong feeling of love towards others. This intense love was matched with rekindling faith. Kairos, for many who felt lost, was a place where faith was rediscovered. 

Kairos provides time and space for people to find God within their lives. Alanis Arce reflected that although she has always had faith, Kairos reinforced it. The retreat experience made her faith more than just a second thought; her faith felt real. God figures prominently in her life. Brennen Scott also stated that Kairos fortified his faith, bringing it back to the light. He added that he saw God in many different ways during the four-day retreat and that he will continue to believe in God and develop his faith long after the retreat is over.

Although participants are saddened the retreat is over, they remember that Kairos is not only a retreat. Kairos is a mindset that can be carried throughout their lives. Kairos calls us; reminding us of those feelings of love, faith, and family experienced on the retreat. Kairos also calls upon us to implement those feelings into the reality of our daily lives and to animate the spirit of Kairos with and for others.

Bradley McClure and Cervello


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