Coachella ’19

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Coachella ’19

Coachella season was back with bumper to bumper traffic, shopping for fabulous outfits at the mall, and tourists filling up every coffee shop and restaurant. Either people love this time of year or dread it. 300,000 tickets were sold which meant that was the number of people packed into our small desert over the 2 Coachella weekends. Festival attendees came from around the world to listen and enjoy this hometown fest. At night this festival exploded to life with lights, art, influencers, and artists walking around the Polo Grounds. Xavier students love this time of year perhaps more than the tourists. A few students who went to Coachella 2019 provided these takeaways:

Junior Adriana Germanos attended weekend one of Coachella. Her favorite performer was Boy Pablo who performed on Sunday. Even though her favorite performer was on Sunday, she had a smile on her face on Saturday due to the stunning line up of artists scheduled to perform. She was surprised when Quavo performed with Gucci Gang; everyone was bouncing around and dancing to their number one song.

Adriana Germanos to the left and Olivia Halton to the right

Adriana attended Coachella with her seven best friends. Her favorite headliner was Ariana Grande on Sunday night. The stage was set up with a what seemed to be a thousand lights. Ariana’s backup dancers surrounded her; it was a striking performance. Adrianna also enjoys the festival’s fare and her favorite food stand, Spicy Pie. She loved the food scene so much, she ate there all weekend.

Elijah Salmon, a Senior at Xavier, had some ups and downs at Coachella this year. He left Coachella on Sunday with a swollen knee. During Playboi Carti, Elijah’s favorite performance, his knee got hit in a mosh pit. This injury, surprisingly, only added to Elijah’s total experience; he found it invigorating. Elijah agreed with Adriana’s assessment of Saturday’s line up. The back to back good performances made Saturday Elijah’s favorite Coachella day. Elijah went with his three best friends and experienced the best three days of his life. His favorite headliner was Childish Gambino on Friday. Elijah has been listening to Gambino since he was a Freshman. He was the happiest he’s ever been while watching an artist perform. As to the festival food venues, Elijah loved the pizza stand because he was offered a free pizza when he was starving on Coachella Saturday. Elijah loved weekend one versus weekend two–he has fun in the bigger crowds with his close friends.

Molly May to the left, Kaylee McClellan in the middle, and Elijah Salmon to the right.

Coachella was considered a holiday by some Xavier students. The headliners, food, and the diverse forms of personal expression shown through even the fashion choices of festival attendees. Coachella truly can be a time when friends share a bond over a range of tastes in music. Our valley home offered a unique moment where artists and participants alike simply enjoyed the moment.


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