Earth Day

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Caroline Moore

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April 22, we celebrated Earth Day.  It is considered the world’s largest environmental movement and millions of people worldwide celebrate the holiday.

Many people around the U.S. joined volunteer cleanup groups.  These groups went into their community and cleaned up specific areas. Places like rivers and lakes are targeted for this strategic cleanup. These efforts were attempts to help wildlife like birds and fish and their habitats. The overall goal is to create a big change in your community by putting in all the effort you can.  

Another similar strategic clean up called ‘Give a Damn’ focused on the rivers beavers inhabit. Waste removed from these sites helped restore beaver dams.  Beavers work hard to create their structure; the waste that humans create gets clogged in the dams which in turn destroys the dam.  

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You Can Make a Difference:

Although many new environmental help groups pop up around Earth Day, there are many opportunities to help year round.  You can make a difference by keeping the lights off in the rooms you’re not in, recycling, not littering, and cleaning up trash in your community. At school or work, you can make a conscious effort to keep information and papers online and not print things that do not need to be printed. If you go out to get coffee or other fast food drinks, invest in a reusable cup and reusable straws. Many people do not realize how many plastic cups, plates, and straws they go through in any given week. Keep a journal to see what your plastic consumption is like–then analyze ways to reduce it. Thoughtless consumption is a habit our society can change one household at a time. We can slowly make a big difference.


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