Leading By Example in Spring Sports

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Justin McWay

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Xavier Saints Baseball after their first win in school history against Palm Desert.

Xavier Saints Baseball after their first win in school history against Palm Desert.

Spring is the final sports season of the 2018-2019 school year. Xavier’s Spring athletes have had the summer, fall, and winter to prepare. The Captains and leaders set an example for their teammates, and their teammates willingly follow their lead. The team Captains encourage their peers when times are good and help them push through adversity. This is the strategy that has made other Xavier sports successful. Saints’ Spring sports are no exception.

Daniel Martinez is the only Senior on the Xavier Baseball team. On March 22nd, 2019, the Saints had the biggest win in school history. They upset the Palm Desert Aztecs with a final score of 3-2. Martinez said, “It was a good feeling beating an undefeated team when nobody thought we could. All credit goes to the team for playing their hearts out and the coaching staff for having a great game plan.” He also believed that they couldn’t have accomplished what they did without the practice on the field and in the weight room during the offseason. Regardless of what happens the rest of the season, Martinez is looking to motivate the underclassmen to continue their hard work. He hopes they can have even better careers than he had and generate more experiences like this.

Sophomore Molly May showing a stellar representation of a Xavier Saint through Track.

Molly May is considered one of the leaders on the Girls Track team. An area of improvement that she saw from last year is “…the team giving their all in practice. Last year, I noticed some people not giving 100 percent all of the time.” May believes she influenced her peers to run harder so the team could excel at meets.

Jace MacConnell is also called a leader of the Boys Track team. His goal for the season was to match the success of last year’s team going to CIF finals. McConnell believes that through the training of Coach Lyons, they will be able to accomplish this goal. MacConnell is looking to “…make the most out of my last season. I want to cherish every meet and practice. When I look back at my high school career, I want to be able to say that I gave it my all with no regrets.”

Xavier Volleyball facing West Valley High School.

Sophomore Zachary Belous is a Captain on the Boys Volleyball team. This is the second year that Xavier has had this team, and Belous enjoys the direction that it is going. Belous sees improvement because “last year we did not win a game. So far, we have played 13 games and have won 5.” With having players that are not experienced, he is proud of what they have accomplished. Belous says he would not want to be on any other team because of the bond his teammates share. He said, “Everyone brings a positive attitude, and we get along. We all push each other to do better, and I can’t ask of anything more.”

The Spring sports look like they are ready for any challenge that comes their way. They have great student-athletes guiding each other, along with coaches. Overall, Xavier has made some noise in the sports this season. Will the Captains and team leaders be able to motivate their teams to keep this going and end the year strong? The Saints are confident in doing so.

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