Breadth Event: A Stunning Visual Experience

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Miranda Lopez

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May 15, 2019
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Breadth Event: A Stunning Visual Experience

The 9th annual Breadth Event was an art show created by Xavier Saints who take the College Board Advanced Placement Studio Art courses. This year’s Breadth Event was an opportunity for Xavier’s AP Studio Art students to present their twelve Breadth pieces to an audience and share the ideas of what inspired their work. Breadth is the first section of the AP Studio Art Portfolio, which is followed by the Concentration portion of the portfolio. The Breadth section conjures freedom of ideas and the pieces within it are typically independent, therefore the Breadth section of the AP portfolio is typically made up of a variety of art media and ideas.

Serena Zhang, RenWeb photo.

Serena (Si-Wen) Zhang is a Junior at Xavier and a part of the AP Studio Art class. Zhang said that the Breadth Event provided her a chance to introduce and share her ideas with the people from the valley, including her peers. As an artist, it made her feel proud to talk about her artwork and share her creative process.

The Breadth section is more about experimentation with ideas and artistic techniques, so Zhang tried to use as many media, processes, materials, and tools as she could to create unique, original pieces for her portfolio. Zhang’ portfolio included some Chinese traditional painting, watercolor painting, and direct observation drawing, but most of her pieces are illustrations with markers and color pencils.

In Zhang’s opinion, the Breadth Event is important to the AP Studio Art class. It is an opportunity for the students to present their art pieces and have their voices heard. It is a formal event that enables student artists to share their hard work with the audience and school community. The Breadth Event truly showcases the hard work that students put into the Breadth sections of their portfolios.

Zhang would like a larger audience for the AP Breadth Event. It is an excellent opportunity for young artists in preparation for potential careers in art. Zhang thanks all the faculty and staff, especially Mrs. Mason, for creating such a great environment for the AP Breadth Event.

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