Finding Common Ground, A Call For Art

2019 Palm Springs Art Museum Fine Arts Creativity Awards Program.

2019 Palm Springs Art Museum Fine Arts Creativity Awards Program.

Alexa Vega, Writer

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It’s an important time of the year for Xavier art students. The Palm Springs Art Museum (PSAM) is hosting the 29th annual Fine Arts Creativity Scholarship Program Exhibition this year. This year’s theme is Finding Common Ground. All high schools around the Coachella Valley and College of the Desert (COD) students are able to participate, but each school can only send 25 submissions. The first round of judging at each school rests with the school’s art teachers. After mentoring art students responses to this call for art the teachers at each school selects and submits 25 art pieces. After the 25 submissions are presented, the second and third vetting processes are managed by the jurors (working artists and museum curators). If their work is selected area young artists have the opportunity to have their artwork displayed in both the Mark Gallery and the Jorgensen Gallery at the museum. Additionally, monetary awards are provided to a range of young artists who participate. Quite a number of former Xavier students have won monetary awards and even had an artwork sold right off the museum’s wall! One high school student and one College of the Desert student will have their work purchased by the PSAM.

The theme for this year’s Creativity and Fine Art Awards program is Finding Common Ground. Students worked to make sure their visual messages were original, significant, and meaningful. Students researched contemporary artists to explore novel ways of working with materials.  Xavier’s art students have to be creative with their work in order for it to stand out. Once their work finished Mrs. Mason (Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair) and Mrs. McHugh adjudicated the 25 artworks that will be submitted.

Tianna Kinney (Senior) chose Human Trafficking as her theme. She stated, “I chose this theme because it has been something that has been universally challenging, and I believe it is something that needs to be stopped.” The process of creating art can be difficult. Research is necessary, but the most difficult part is the building process. Tianna designed a segmented human form. Although Tianna struggled with techniques for the clay form, she stated, “the process definitely challenged me as an artist.” She also shared that she hoped her artwork would be selected for submission. 


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