How Xavier Seniors Spent Their Last Ski Week

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Brooklyn Bergmann

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Coachella ’19
May 15, 2019
Merrick Groat and Olivia Thompson enjoying their Ski Week.

Merrick Groat and Olivia Thompson enjoying their Ski Week.

Ski Week is a one week holiday for the Xavier community; a week where Saints can travel and ski anywhere around the world. However, only a few students actually ski during the break in February. So, alternatively, this break allows families, friends, and communities to get together and make time for each other. Relaxing with their friends and family and finding the time to simply be was a top priority.

Juan Lua, Senior.

Senior Juan Lua did not go skiing over break but wishes that someday he get the chance to ski. Instead, Juan, a pragmatic thinker, wanted more leisure time to catch up with family for this Ski Week. He was happy to have time off school to relax without any worry of a test or quiz. Juan believed Ski Week meet his expectations of fun; this is his fourth year of having a slow break. Every year for the last four Ski Week breaks, Juan wished only to relax, catch up with some personal things, and make some memories with his friends. In fact, the best part of this Ski Week break was being able to spend time with friends.

Juan at the 7th Annual CS!

Juan was also featured in the 7th Annual Showcase for playing football. He was happy to get interviewed about his passion. Juan appreciated everyone in his life who helped make his ski week great by always being there for him. In this way, Juan demonstrated what it means to be a man with and for others by seeking time to make his friends and family feel special.

Merrick Groat, Senior.

Merrick Groat, a Senior, was asked about her Ski Week experience. Although she also did not ski over break, her expectations for the week were pretty high; she had her birthday over break. Merrick was excited to spend her 18th with all her friends together at the beach. Another highlight of the break was a visit with her dad to her soon-to-be-college, the University of Arizona. Merrick said, “It was so nice to have bonding time with him by touring the college of my dreams.” Merrick was also surprised with a ticket to a local festival called ‘KIND’ (thank you, Micah).  Merrick considered this surprise to be one of the nicest things anyone has done for her. Merrick was a woman with and for others over break by helping a woman who slipped and fell in the snow. The woman screamed in pain so Merrick ran to her, gave her a hand, got her back on her feet. Overall, Merrick was very happy with her break and even loved every minute of her alone time.

Merrick Groat’s Birthday cake!

The Xavier Staff hopes everyone in the Xavier community enjoyed their break by enjoying family/friend time during the 2018 ski week!


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