Northwestern Snowstorms

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Caroline Moore

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Earth Day
May 15, 2019

This winter season has caused much turmoil across the country.  Climates continue to change; states are dealing with strange weather conditions.  As global temperatures rise, more and more energy is being stored in the ocean’s water.  This energy storage results in many uncommon winter storms in regions that do not regularly experience these.  Eugene, Oregon usually expects 2 to 4 inches of snow a year.  As a state, it is expected to receive massive amounts of rain.  Locals know how to accommodate these conditions but with snowstorms like the recent one affecting a large area of both Oregon and Washington, some people are left helpless. 

In that storm alone Eugene received over 11 inches of snow.  Many schools including the University of Oregon as well as countless elementary, middle, and high schools across the state were affected.  Almost 68,000 businesses and homes are without power due to this storm. The city of Eugene declared state of a snow emergency, a civil plan designed to help citizens stay safe under conditions like these.  

The two largest airports in the region, Portland and Seattle Tacoma, were hit with hundreds of canceled flights. All travel conditions were horrendous. Landslides and avalanches caused many accidents and road closures.  High wind speeds flipped planes over, and some crashed during taking off. Hazardous driving conditions found many cars swerved off the road or into other drivers as a result of icy and snowy roads.  The states of Oregon and Washington in that snow emergency provided the only advice they could: Stay indoors and try to wait out this record-breaking storm.

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