Super Bowl 53

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Bazil Martinez

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Super Bowl 53

As the month of February wrapped up, a very special day in football history took place just as it does every year. On February 3, 2019, Super Bowl 53 took place in Atlanta, Georgia. California’s own Los Angeles Rams faced off against the New England Patriots. This was the first Super Bowl for the Los Angeles Rams since their appearance in 2000. The New England Patriots were part of Super Bowl 52 against the Philadelphia Eagles where they lost the title to the Eagles. So, the Patriots were hungry.

The controversial play l play were Rams, Robey-Coleman collides with Saints, Tommylee Lewis causing the Rams to advance to a Division playoff berth.

The Rams have not had the best luck in recent years. Last year the Rams finished first in their division. This year, the Rams started strong off a dismal 9-year drought. They came out of the off-season and won their first 8 games. Their undefeated run came to an end after a high scoring game against the Saints. Their next eight games, the team came out winning six more and losing only two. At the end of the year, the Rams lost one of their star receivers Cody Kupp to a concussion. Despite losing a gamechanger, the Rams finished their regular season on top of their division and had the first round bye in the playoffs.  After beating the Dallas Cowboys in the first round, they faced the New Orleans Saints. This was the Ram’s ticket to Super Bowl 53. The game was forced into overtime and was changed by a controversial call when the Rams’ Robey-Coleman came into contact with the Saints’s Tommylee Lewis. This was an obvious missed foul on the Rams and led to many controversies suggesting games were being staged and somewhere money was changing hands.

The New England Patriots had the opposite luck in recent years. They were in the Super Bowl again this year bouncing back after a loss in Super Bowl 52 against. The Patriots, an underdog team due to Tom Brady’s age and the loss of many players on the roster, won their first game but lost their following two games. They won their 6 next games but barely scraping by on many of their regular season games. Their season ended on a good note with an 11-5. Going into the playoffs, the Patriots were predicted to lose their first-round game against the Los Angeles Chargers. Despite all the doubt, the Patriots blew the Chargers out of the water and dominated them 41-28. In the AFC Championship, the Kansas City Chiefs battled the Patriots, and that game ended in overtime.

Jarred Goff (#16) commands his offense.

When it came to  Superbowl 53, both teams had worked hard and deserved to be in the Superbowl. Players like Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, and Sony Michael were key players for the New England Patriots. They were a seasoned team as they have made it to the playoffs and Super Bowl plenty of times. As for the Rams, their team consisted of young talented players like Jared Goff, Brandin Cooks, Robert Woods, and Todd Gurley.

The game for many viewers was boring because of the low score and underwhelming halftime performance. For viewers that are avid football followers, the game was an outstanding show of defense. Both teams were shut down and each score was gained through long, hard drives down the field. The game ended with a score of 3-13, with the Patriots coming out on top. Julian Edelman was awarded Super Bowl 53 MVP for his performance on offense. When the Patriots drove down the field and scored, it was due to Julian Edelman’s hustle on the gridiron. This win against the Rams gave Tom Brady his fifth Super Bowl win and sent the Rams back to the drawing board.

Tom Brady and Julian Edelman embrace after winning Super Bowl 53.


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