College Acceptances and Commitments

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Miranda Lopez

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May 15, 2019
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College Acceptances and Commitments

Now that college applications are in, Seniors are starting to hear back from the colleges to which they applied seeking early action or early decision. Xavier students Jenna Braun, Kyle Cenicola and Jackson Castillo are a few of the many people who have been accepted.

Jenna Braun at the Texas Christian University campus!
Photo by Jenna Braun

Jenna Braun is a Varsity athlete who was accepted into the University of Alabama, Indiana University, Auburn University, and Texas Christian University. Jenna applied early decision to all of her schools and then withdrew her other applications after she committed. On November 30th, she was accepted and committed to her dream school, Texas Christian University (TCU). Her intended major at TCU is Interior Design. Jenna mentioned that the college application process was stressful. She had to learn how to manage her time at the start of her Senior year. However, she feels relieved that the college application process is now over and is excited for what is to come.


Kyle Cenicola committed to Golden West.
Photo by Miranda Lopez

Kyle Cenicola, a Varsity Water Polo player and swimmer, hopes to focus on Water Polo at Golden West College, located in Huntington, California. Kyle had a meeting with the coach and is now part of the Water Polo team at Golden West. The Rustlers are on a 3-time state champion winning streak. Kyle was sure of what he wanted for his future and only applied to one college; he wants to play college Water Polo and the Rustlers were a perfect match. Upon receiving his acceptance, Kyle felt excited knowing he is moving on to the next chapter of his life. Kyle’s intended major is Criminal Justice, and he hopes to become a Police Officer later in life.



Jackson Castillo awaits his other college acceptances.
Photo by Miranda Lopez

Jackson Castillo, a Varsity Water Polo and golfer, has been accepted to the University of Oregon, University of Arizona, Loyola University, Chicago, and St. Louis University. He said it felt amazing getting accepted; it meant that his hard work paid off. Jackson did not apply early decision at any school but did apply early action to the University of Oregon. Jackson still has not heard back from all the schools to which he applied and therefore has not yet committed anywhere. Overall, Jackson felt that the college application process was not too bad, however, the application for the Naval Academy was the most challenging.


The Senior class is inching closer and closer to their future. As these 3 Seniors wait for their remaining acceptances, they continue to be reminded how their hard work worth the effort. And all 3 students shared that they are ready to see where life takes them.

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