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Alexa Vega

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Halloween is any kid’s favorite day in October. Young people in general love to wear costumes and go trick or treating which is the main tradition on Halloween! This year Xavier Saints dressed up for Halloween. Participation required 10 food cans for the Canned Food Drive. Some students were excited to wear costumes to celebrate Halloween and went all out. And some students participated in small ways –pulling together quick costumes. Some students felt they were just getting older and the desire to don a costume has diminished. The reasons for non-participation, according to Christina Ramirez (Freshman) included the 10 Can Donation Rule. She said, ” I feel like not many students dressed up because of the 10 can rule.” So, participation was mixed: there were students that wore a full-on costume or a simplified version of a Halloween costume, but it seemed to some observers that most students wore normal clothes. When Christina and Cheyenne Bradley-Sharpe (Junior) were asked their opinions regarding the ten cans donations, Cheyenne said: “ I thought it was fine, but there could be an alternative.” Christina reflected, “ I didn’t really mind.”

For those who did participate, every grade level was represented and even teachers dressed up. You’re never too old to be in the Halloween Spirit! Cheyenne shared, “ I love dressing up; I don’t feel too old to do it because everyone in my household dresses up.”  She was excited when she heard that Xavier allowed students to wear costumes. Christina Ramirez also stated, “I love Halloween because I like to see what others would come up with.”

Cheyenne dressed up as a witch. She said, “ I have never done it before, and my mom thought it would be a cute idea.” As for Christina, “I dressed up as a bunny because I like bunnies. I didn’t really have any other costume ideas.” Since trick-or-treating is the main event of Halloween traditions, these two students were also asked if they were going trick-or-treating. Cheyenne disclosed, “I’m only taking my siblings because people don’t really give me candy because I’m too old.” And Christina said, “I’m going because I want candy, and I also want to go spend time with my friends.” Even though a majority of students don’t go out trick-or-treating anymore, both Christina and Cheyenne agreed that it’s always fun to wear a costume for the day. 


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