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Andres Arias

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May 7, 2019
Poster Design by Isabella Zhang.

Poster Design by Isabella Zhang.

Blithe Spirit, a play by Noel Coward, was performed by Xavier students from November 7th through the 9th in our very own Black Box Theater in the Student Commons. This play is about a man named Charles Condomine, played by Samuel Veliz, and his current wife Ruth, played by Bela DePalatis, who make contact with his dead wife Elvira, played by Mariana Robles, during an evening seance at the Condomine home. High jinks and shenanigans ensued with Charles becoming haunted by both wives during the course of the play.

Preparation for the play began in early September with Ms. Sequeira, the Drama teacher/director, casting the play through auditions. Sam Veliz said, “ Auditions are just short scenes/dialogues you perform in front of Ms. Sequeira.” Rehearsals were rigorous but fun. Alex Braunschweiger advised that memorizing lines was essential,  “Study the lines 24/!” There were 68 days of preparation: two entire months of hard work and after-school rehearsals. Some of the actors felt that in this case practice makes perfect; the more you study the character the more you start to become the character and really be connected to the play. Rehearsals help actors not only with memorization but with nerves as well. The actors bond through the rehearsal schedules becoming not only better actors, but men and women with and for others as well. A cast is a family. Love and support are the things which move a good production to a great one.

Often nerves can plague actors prior to performances. Connor Wilhelm, who played Dr.Bradman,  and gave the audience a stunning performance, said, “I don’t get nervous.” Alex Braunschweiger, a Senior who played Mrs. Bradman, does get nervous; she dealt with it like a professional. Alex stated that she dealt with nervousness with breathing exercises. Ms. Sequeira also led warm-ups to break the tension.

Xavier’s community can take great pride in its actors. Blithe Spirit was a versatile play which showcased a range of theatrical skills. The actors provided comedy, suspense, and some action keeping the audience on the edge of their seats wanting to see what happens next. The Xavier actors turned out strong characterizations which made it interesting for the audience members to compare students they knew with how they were able to perform as actors. All the hard work Ms. Sequeira and the cast put into this production paid off. This was a highly entertaining performance. Enjoy the gallery below. Photo credits are shared between Andres Arias and Ms. Sequeira.


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