Newest Additions To Xavier Campus

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Cambria McCalla

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Seniors Leah Dreisbach and Marni McDowell on the new courts.

Seniors Leah Dreisbach and Marni McDowell on the new courts.

There are new additions to the Xavier campus: tennis courts! The funds were generously donated specifically for the building of the courts. The installation took place throughout the summer and into the first quarter of the school year for a total construction time of approximately six months. There are plans to add an additional two courts to meet the CIF event requirements which will allow us to hold tournaments on campus. The courts were designed and built by Richard Zaino to the exact specifications of the Indian Wells Tennis Garden. Our athletes are now playing on Xavier’s own professional grade tennis courts!

The Xavier community is grateful for the opportunity to have been able to play at the Tennis Gardens, “But there is nothing like being able to practice in your own literal backyard” according to Xavier Principal, Chris Alling. This long desired project was completed early this school year just in time for our tennis girls to break in the courts for the first time in Xavier history.

The construction of the tennis courts spurred the question of facilities for our other high achieving teams. There are many athletic facility needs. The difficulty in making these needs a reality lies in funding. Xavier’s status as a private school means the administration relies on fundraising and donations for everything across the campus. The first priorities are taking care of students and teachers as they are foremost in the educational mission of the school. Mr. Alling described the allocation process thus: “Our fundraising priorities are always taking care of students and teachers first.  This means making sure we can provide the need-based tuition assistance many families depend on. It also means providing our teachers with the best salary and benefits we can. Xavier has been blessed with all the facilities we have…from fields to labs to studios. Growing Xavier’s campus is tricky…it’s like a family growing into and out of its first home. We add on…we modify and improve…and we do our best to be good stewards of what we do have.   We’re very hopeful that donors will continue to come forward and want to help us keep growing our campus and our programs.”

That being said, Saints, enjoy our new facilities and continue to support our Xavier athletes!

The Tennis Girls Full Team Photo

Xavier Athlete Returning A Serve. Photo by Terry Cervello


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