Play for Jay Shirts

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Soni Rakipi

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Play for Jay Shirts

News surfaced, recently, about a shirt that was created for the basketball team. It was “low key” reveal; not a lot of people knew about the shirts other than the basketball team. Each team member had one. The shirts were exclusively made available to the basketball team. The rest of the student body does not have access to get one according to a player on the basketball team. They are not available due to the fact that the shirts are dry fit which is a great material for athletic wear. Since basketball is a physically demanding sport, comfort is paramount. Students have been given permission to wear the shirt during practice. That material makes the shirts breathable and comfortable, which is a great combination for playing basketball. It is also washer and dryer safe!

Many students would like to be able to buy the shirts. Some suggested further customization of the shirt. For example, it was suggested Jay’s favorite professional basketball team logo could be part of the shirt design. Other students think that the shirt is great the way it is. The fact is that Xavier Saints agree that they want to buy the shirt in support of Jay and his recovery.

Even though it has been some time since the accident, a lot of people are still thinking of Jay and praying for his full recovery. The goal of making the shirt, according to Coach Pope, was to, “reassure friends and family and most importantly Jay, that we are here with him every step of the way. And that we love him so much.” Knowing that there are people thinking of and praying for him makes a big difference in Jay’s recovery progress. It is at the heart of what the community at Xavier is: men and women with and for others.

Nothing but love has been sent out to all those affected by the accident. Even though two months have passed, awareness is still strong, and that is what matters. The amount of love being sent to Jay and his family is unbelievable. People came together to represent the good in this world. It is important to remember that although this world may seem cruel and unforgiving at times, good can always be found. Acting on that good brings out the greatness in people. Continue your strong recovery, Jay. Go Saints!

Photos by Justin McWay

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