The Power of Kairos

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Rylee Mangan

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The Power of Kairos

Here at Xavier, Kairos holds a special place in our hearts. Kairos is a four-day retreat where students and faculty come together to share emotional moments, embrace love, and strengthen their faith. Our K26 retreat group recently returned and most everyone experienced a spiritual and emotional shift. These Seniors were initially hesitant to be vulnerable, but at the end of the four days, they opened up to the power of this retreat. Kairos is a life-changing retreat that spreads love and positivity.

McKinlee Groat, Chaya Chandrashekar, Sophie Thompson, Kylie Fraser, Sean Babekian, and Jackie Cordero share smiles.


Seniors from the K25 group last year were the leaders for this fall retreat. The relationships established within the Senior class from Kairos last throughout the school year. In order to share the love this year, Stark Vuksic said that he will try his hardest to help others feel the same love he experienced on K26. He believes that everyone needs to feel that love in their lives. Kairos helped Sebastian Del Rio find himself. Surrounded by a new environment with no technology or power gave him the opportunity to embrace positivity without negative influences. This retreat helped him connect with his classmates, and he now understands the power of love.

Val Cardamuro and Leah Dreisbach embrace each other!


Many students’ faith was impacted by this retreat. Katy Koch explained that before Kairos God was present in her life, but this retreat had completely changed her relationship. She said that this retreat showed her all the love that God has put into the world. On this retreat, students are exposed to the magnitude of God’s love. Retreatants from K26 realized the significance of God in their lives during the course of the four days.

Sebastian Del Rio, Katy Koch, Christian De la Torre, Lorenzo Elias, and Merrick Groat experience the Kairos love!


Instead of feeling sad that the retreat is over, K26 must remember that Kairos is more than a retreat. It is a mindset that will carry them throughout our lives. We are all called to take the love we shared, the values we discovered, and the vulnerability we experienced, back to reality in order to influence the lives of others. When asked how to maintain this Kairos spirit, K26 leader McKinlee Groat said to always act as Christ would. Remembering to live like Christ encourages us to live in positive ways. 

Kairos student leaders and Staff


Kairos has impacted the lives of many people. Since 1965, this retreat has inspired Roman Catholics to live like Christ and to treat our neighbors with compassion. Kairos opens our eyes to the love that surrounds us. The Xavier community is grateful that the K26 group experienced the incredible effects of this retreat. Their return serves as a great reminder to live out the Kairos Spirit. Now, the challenge is to continue to share the love and bring happiness to school, work, and all other aspects of our lives. The best is yet to come. 

Matthew Rivera, Stark Vuksic, and Father Jack share a meal in the dining hall.


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