God Bless and Go Saints

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Caelan Fraschetti

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May 15, 2019
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God Bless and Go Saints

Fellowship of Christian Athletes logo

Fellowship of Christian Athletes logo

Fellowship of Christian Athletes logo

Fellowship of Christian Athletes logo

Hours before the Xavier football team’s momentous 14-7 win against La Quinta on October 26, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes club surprised them with gift bags. FCA president Gabriel Lugo, a Junior at Xavier and a member of the football team himself, delivered the bags and prayed over the team.

Tommy Branconier, a Senior and middle linebacker for the Saints, said “It felt very cool that they were there to support us. I was a little surprised by it…I was just happy and grateful for them supporting us, showing that they care for us without us even asking for it.”

FCA members Caelan Fraschetti and Janey Castoe went with Lugo to deliver the gift bags, the whole club gathered two days earlier to assemble the bags. People went down the line, filling each bag with goodies and an invitation to the Night of Champions, after which the gift bags were tied with gold ribbons. The Night of Champions is an annual event, held this year on November 3rd at Southwest Church, to celebrate the accomplishments of local high school athletes. Once the bags were finished, everyone gathered to pray for the players and their success in the upcoming game.

When asked how the idea of gift bags came about, Lugo said “our FCA advisor, CJ Lamoreaux, felt prompted by God to do this. The thinking process behind this was to represent God and His love.” FCA is a global organization working to unite faith and athletics to impact the world for Jesus Christ. The club’s presence on Xavier’s campus is still rather small, however, they are working to grow their influence and honor more athletic teams in the future. According to Lugo, they are “using this year as an exploring and discovering year, seeing exactly what we are capable of doing through God.”



Due to the club’s smaller nature, they only have so much money to put together events like this. However, Lugo was able to get in touch with a benefactor who paid for a majority of the items in the gift bags. It is the generosity of men and women who believe in FCA’s cause which make these ideas a reality.

Members were encouraged at Wednesday’s meeting to attend the football game against La Quinta to cheer on the football game. Those who could not attend were still asked to pray for the players, wherever they were at game time. Branconier said, “It helped in the game just knowing that people have that love and support for us, thinking of that and using that as a motivation; people were there by our side.” No matter how small the contribution, everyone that showed the football team support by putting together gift bags or praying for the team helped give them the strength to come out on top against La Quinta.

It is rare to see so many high schoolers selflessly give their time in support of their classmates, but that is what makes the Xavier community so special.

Wrapping up the discussion of this years amazing season, Lugo said “ I am so proud of this group of fine young men and women. Their ability to fight through adversity and lean on God through all of the injuries was inspiring. I ask that they please take every lesson they learned from this great year and apply it to life. God bless and Go Saints.”

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