Dodgeball, A Friendly Competition!

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Adele Benson

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Dodgeball is one of the most competitive aspects of the Xavier house system. At Xavier, the houses play each other in intense and competitive dodgeball matches twice a week. Not only is dodgeball a fun and enjoyable way to bond with those in one’s house, but it is also a stepping stone to all of the houses’ ultimate goal, winning the house cup. The awarding of points motivates all different people from a house to compete in the intense game of dodgeball.

Photo by Olivia Quagliani

Surprisingly enough, most Freshmen did not even know of dodgeball before it was announced at the first house meeting, but now it has become a highlight of their lunch. One Freshman, Seth Castoe, explained to me how dodgeball has become his, as well as many of his Freshmen classmates’, favorite part of lunch. They enjoy this opportunity to bond with not only those in their class but with those from other grades in his house as well. Indeed, students from all four grades of students shared this consistent answer that their favorite part of dodgeball was winning and competing as a united house. New to dodgeball this year is an increase in the number of games thanks to the efforts of the hardworking SLC.

Photo by Olivia Quagliani

Now, what is the key to being successful at dodgeball? Form and ball type. Lloyd De Klotz said that “the perfect form is when you throw the ball at the opponent’s feet so it makes it harder to catch.” What about the actual dodgeball size? Alejandra Wiggins, a senior, explained how her “preference of ball to achieve the best throw would have to be the smaller balls because they are easier to throw and pick up some speed along the way.” This is great advice from these experienced upperclassmen; it may be wise to listen to them.

Captured by Olivia Quagliani

The competitive house system fuels members to never lose hope in their house and, of course, forever believe that their house is the best. When asked which house has the optimum chance of winning, every person interviewed stated that their house would pull through and win, without a doubt. But only one house can win, so which house poses the greatest threat this dodgeball season? Alejandra Wiggins, also a member of Pro, the defending house champs, stated that “Pro’s biggest competition this year will be Faber because Faber is hungry for that house cup and they are just really good.” Now dodgeball can only be successful if house members show up for their games. Sophomore Rayssa Haggar explained that at the first dodgeball game of the season, attendance was good and a lot of members showed up. Let’s hope that attendance does not trickle down as the season progresses.

Dodgeball helps to bring out school spirit and generate a sense of community within the house system. Even though they are competing, dodgeball brings the houses together in a unique way, unlike any other activity. The friendly competition creates a break from the stress of school and creates a bond that can only be formed with teamwork. So go out, play and support your house! GO SAINTS!!!

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