Claver Week

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Caroline Moore

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May 15, 2019
Image captured from Wikipedia--Creative Commons.

Image captured from Wikipedia--Creative Commons.

Claver Week!

The week of September 10, 2018, was Claver Week.  The overall goal of the week was to improve house spirit and celebrate Saint Peter Claver.  It started the week before with the decoration day. Officers of all the houses and members of Claver stayed after school and decorated the school.  Every member of claver had their name written on a plate and hung up around the school. There were also teal balloons through all the hallways. Handrails had streamers wrapped around them and posters were hung up all throughout the school.  The statue outside was also decorated with streamers, hats, and a Claver colored cross.

On Thursday when Xavier celebrated our Claver Mass, all the members of the house were invited to wear their teal house shirts.  In exchange, one dollar was donated to SLC in support of Martha’s Village and Kitchen. Martha’s Village is an organization located in Indio.  Many students at Xavier have volunteered there for service hours.  Martha’s Village is one of the largest providers of homeless services in Riverside County.  They offer housing, education, and support systems to families in need throughout the community.  The money donated supports families by providing the supplies and resources needed.

Claver leaders sharing house pride.

The Claver Mass was celebrated by Father Jack with reflections from the president, vice president, and deputies of Claver.  The president of Claver, Reina Rover, talked to the school about Saint Peter Claver’s life. She shared that he was born in 1580 in Spain and left to serve as a missionary in Cartegena, Columbia.  He dedicated himself to the slaves of the area and did everything he could to make their living conditions more bearable. He cared for the sick and dying and converted over 300,000 slaves to the Catholic church. Through his life work, he became the patron saint of slaves. He was a man with and for others and was an exemplary man for Xavier students to look up to.

Claver also had a dodgeball game that week.  This game resulted in a win, therefore, moving the house up in ranking for the next dodgeball game.  At the moment Claver is tied for first place in points. Woot! GO CLAVER!

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