Yanny vs. Laurel

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Yanny vs. Laurel

The past few days there has been an ongoing debate on the internet between whether people hear Yanny or Laurel.  Much like the white or blue dress internet controversy of a couple of years ago, this Instagram poll video defies sensory perceptions. Many people interviewed heard one word only, and some people have actually heard both.

There are several theories as to why people are hearing different things. One of these theories is that it depends on the device you are hearing it on. For example, if you own an iPhone you may hear a different word than an Android owner would hear. Likewise, this may happen if you are hearing the word from a computer or from a phone.

Another theory is that you may have “young ears”. Apparently, those who have young ears mostly hear Yanny, and those who have old ears hear Laurel. This is due to the frequency that the sound is emitting. Yanny has a higher pitched sound and Laurel is lower pitched.

The truth about this phenomenon is that the word is Laurel. Someone got the word Laurel from the internet and changed the pitch of the word. When the pitch was made higher, it began to sound like Yanny, and when the pitch was lowered it reverted back to Laurel. Some people, however, are able to hear the original word when the audio track is played regardless of pitch.

What do you hear?

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