Second Place Tennis DVL!

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Peyton Fraser

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Second Place Tennis DVL!

Spring has sprung, and DVL finals are complete. The spring sports were released from classes early and prepped for meets, matches, or games for the last DVL finals before qualifying for CIF.

The Tennis team came in second place this year behind Palm Desert High School. The Xavier tennis team had lots of motivation from all members of the team and the coach as well. Tennis requires much skill as in any sport–the mental aspect of the sport is imposing. The Examiner asked a few of the Xavier Seniors how this ‘ride’ as part of the Xavier Tennis Team felt. Here are some of  their responses:

Umrith Bajaj (Captain) – From the beginning of the season, we worked hard each and every day to become better. I feel that it is only right that we made it to CIF. I believe that with hard work, we made a run in Division 2.  I also feel the team has gotten closer; we continued to grow on and off the court and created an unmeasured bond. The team’s chemistry was based on striving to be the best players we can be. Personally, I am happy with how far we got, and all that we achieved. In the future, I hope to come back and see Xavier tennis winning league titles and maybe even a CIF ring. We as seniors made such an impact on this team and this school, that we will be remembered for centuries to come.

Carter Lawton– Being on the Xavier tennis team is an amazing experience especially with how far we have gotten. We have an amazing team full of amazing players but more importantly, a closely knit family full of senior guys who cooperated with each other to make the team the best it can be. We have accomplished being one of the top teams in the valley; we are second this year in the valley. But a better accomplishment was just being an amazing group of players.

Nico Tahernia- I feel like every player has put in the necessary effort to make it as far as we have in DVL and a chance to win CIF. I am glad we were able to have the opportunity this year. We accomplished what we set out to do, which is get second place in DVL. We would have liked to get first but it has always been tough to play against Palm Desert. This season we really did well, although I feel like in some ways last year was better. Looking back, I feel that over the three seasons as we have played, we improved as a team and this is something I will always remember.



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