Girls Swim DVL CHAMPS!

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Girls Swim DVL CHAMPS!

Xavier Girls swim are once again DVL champions for the fourth year in a row. These Saints had an undefeated season. The Seniors have only known what it feels like to win DVL as they have been at Xavier each year the girls have won DVL.

Senior Blair Burlingame said, ” Being a senior is such an interesting time; it’s like the last time for everything. We recently concluded our last win for Swim. I feel honored to have been apart of this team. I’ll never forget our first DVL win of freshman year; it really just feels like I’m part of something bigger than myself. These past 4 years have been great times, and these wins have been a testament to our hard work and the hard work of the girls that came before us and helped build this program.”

Burlingame stated her proudest accomplishment is being able to swim her senior year after an injury that made her uncertain that she’d be able to do so.

Senior Shelby Castoe’s favorite swim memory is when the swim team would have a huge win they would celebrate by playing soccer! Shelby loved how competitive Coach Pavol was.

Senior Jillian Barbato’s favorite memory of swim is cheering on our last relay at DVL finals.

Barbato stated, “I am proud of our team and all we have been able to accomplish! We are all very dedicated so it is nice to have our hard work pay off!”

The Seniors and all their hard work will be missed next year and in the last weeks of their time at Xavier, they are doing their best to prepare the upcoming seniors for next year’s season. Xavier Swim is ready to get a ‘5 peat’ championship.


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