BUMP, SET, HIT….Boys Volleyball!

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Peyton Fraser

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Wow! Who could have expected that Xavier College Preparatory High School would create their very own Boys Volleyball team! This has been an on-the-surface talk roaming around the school the past two years–the brainchild of Senior, Noah Glassman. Glassman was interested in creating a team and began asking the Girls Volleyball coach Natalie Allen if she would coach the future team. Coach Allen agreed, and the Boys Volleyball team began to take shape and create a bit of action.

Boys Volleyball was a big deal around campus–Glassman’s efforts paid off. Tryouts took place in the middle of February and practice began right away. The team has traveled all over, and a few games were brought to our very own gym. The Vatican filled quickly as the Saints cheered on their boys winning a set. Gabe Montane shared with us that the hardest thing about playing this sport is learning the correct footwork to be able to jump. This was especially difficult for Montane due to knee injuries from previous sports. He really wants to learn to think positive and tries to bring his team up when they are down. Montane feels that volleyball is definitely a huge mental sport but the team mentality on the court needs to work together in order to come back with a win.

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