March For Our Lives

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Alexis Tavakoli

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May 22, 2018

Check out this website to see how to add your voice to the cause. Check out this website to see how to add your voice to the cause.

On February 14 the students and faculty of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida suffered a terrible loss of 17 members of the school (students and teachers) due to a school shooting. To commemorate these heartbreaking casualties, people from across the United States are participating in demonstrations with the organization March For Our Lives.

March For Our Lives is an organization created by the members of student-led, Never Again MSD; its motto is “For Survivors of the Stoneman Douglas Shooting, by Survivors of the Stoneman Douglas Shooting.” The goals of March For Our Lives are for the lives and safety of students to become a priority and end violence and mass shootings in schools.

Students at schools across the United States participated in a walkout which was also organized by March For Our Lives as memorials to the 17 whose lives were lost in Parkland, FL. At Xavier, we were led by the Student Walkout Committee in a 17-minute walkout wherein we remembered and honored the 17 lives that were lost in the Parkland shooting.

All marches were held on March 24th so that collectively the voices of students’ calls to make a difference regarding OUR safety at the places where we come to grow and learn could be heard and turned into a reality. Putting aside political differences, what everyone should be able to agree to is that students and faculties should not have to be afraid to go to school, and a change must be made.


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