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Xavier’s Thoughts on the Ripple Effects


The following summaries are statements of opinion taken from faculty and students, on the events that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia.


Charlottesville affects us as a country, as it shows how much hate and discrimination still lives in our world. The ripple effects of this event are there will be more voices against discrimination. The Xavier Community should address the issue, by bringing awareness through conversation on prevention.“I think that these problems will continue to arise so long as there is so much hatred in people’s hearts.” -Ms. Hernandez


Charlottesville makes our country aware, that many of the statues we have are not so honorable. The ripple effects bring out a new awareness, that these hate groups, such as the Ku Klux Klan, still exist. The Xavier Community can respond by making this a point of discussion for Summit Week. “I was deeply saddened by the event, it’s a rude awakening.”- Dr. Glazer


Charlottesville shows that living in the past makes us a nation living in violence. The ripple effects are, that people will always disagree and be unhappy no matter the results.The Xavier Community can take a stand for peace during these times.“It definitely was not worth anyone losing their lives over.”-Devany Renteria (12th grade).


Charlottesville shows that the problems of racism in our country have not been solved. The ripple effects are, that this event will be remembered, and these hate groups will be stopped. The Xavier Community should respond, by reminding people we are made in the image of God. “We must love one another as we love ourselves. We are all human.” – Victoria Ginex (12th grade).


The events of Charlottesville, have affected our student body, as well as our country. The next step in times of chaos would be for the Xavier Community to actually take action.

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