Club Rush(ing into a New School Year)

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Olivia Quagliani

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Club Rush(ing into a New School Year)

As Xavier begins a new school year, new clubs emerge. The formation of new clubs opens doors of curiosity and fascination. Here are some clubs new to Xavier:

Flute Club:

This club is led by Moon Jiao and will revolve around playing the flute in solos and duets and sharing its beauty with an audience. Everyone is welcome whether you have never played an instrument before or are a pro who has performed in Carnegie Hall. The flutes will be provided if you do not own one yourself. You do not want to miss out on this opportunity to immerse yourself in learning music. Join Moon every Wednesday and Thursday during lunch in room BAC 202 and learn about the art of playing the flute.

Senior Outreach Club (SOC):

SOC has joined the campus of Xavier! With Emily McGowen and Emma Johansen as the club’s leaders, bonding with an elderly buddy at the Mission Hills Elderly Home is easier than ever. By spending time with your buddy, whether by baking, playing bingo, making arts and crafts, or by simply talking with them, you gain a friend and create memories that will be cherished. Visit room 106 during Monday’s lunches to discuss opportunities. Service hours may be earned.




Star Wars Club:

Star Wars has joined Xavier’s galaxy in partnership with Jackson Castillo, Justin Wickstrand, and Luke Lombardelli. The mission of this club is to provide a space where you can go to have fun discussions, play games, share theories, and battle with light sabers. Everyone is welcome in room 207 during lunch on Mondays.


United We Stand Club:

United We Stand is brought to you by Andrea Younes, Samuel Veliz, and Stacey Dela Serna. Announced ahead of the lunch meetings, United We Stand meets in room 112 on Thursdays at lunch, and all are welcome to enlighten themselves with knowledge of the immigration process and immersion trips. The mission of this club is to make the process of immigration easier on the families starting a new life in America. Service hours will be given when working with the Boys and Girls Club, Mecca trips, and more.

Watermelon Club:
Freshmen Adam Muffaletto, Lars Neumann, and Nadyne Abubo introduce to Xavier the Watermelon Club. When meeting every other Wednesday in the student commons during lunch, the club will eat watermelon, have fun, reflect on their day, and sometimes eat pineapple.


We CARE Club:
We Care is presented to Xavier by Hailey Dewegeli and Olivia Thompson. The mission is to understand world issues, connect students with the community, and take action in community service. Conversations, discussions, and actions revolve around the monthly topic. On days when the club is announced to meet, listen for when and where, and feel free to join We Care to be involved in CARE: Community, Action, Response, and Empathy.

Photo Credits: Olivia Quagliani

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